Monday, April 22, 2013

RIP Father of LA, Dearest Uncle Francis Lai

I have known a good man for a few years now in the place I've lived since 2001. I recently moved back to my hometown. He passed away on Saturday and I was broken-hearted for not being able to attend his funeral. I have a doctor's appointment in General Hospital that I have made few months back. It was on the same morning as the funeral.

Even when he was bed-ridden, he continued to touch my heart. I would like to dedicate this poem to him.

A man of Faith,
You were always there,
Silently watching and guarding over LA,
A place I called home for many years...

A man filled with joy,
I remember the first few times we met,
You always tease and made jokes,
Bumping into you in your running gears,
You were always jovial and up for a run,
You were never too tired for a laugh...

A shining beacon,
You always bring a smile to us,
An occasional chuckle from you brightened our day,
Especially when we were drained from work,
You always made me feel at home,
Since my family were miles away...

A man of generosity,
Sometimes us girls need help with LA fixes,
A call from you made the work so much easier,
You were always ever ready to help,
Even when you were not well...

A man of Hope,
You spoke of God and life,
You were always inspiring,
Even till the last moments on earth,
You showed me God's amazing love...

A man of Love,
You have been a good man,
Filled with integrity and lived life to the fullest,
I have no doubts you are in Heaven now,
I am sad that you are no longer here,
But I am happy that we have a saint to pray for us now,
You will always be remembered, 
Till the day I will meet and join you in our eternal home...

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