Monday, April 22, 2013

Dream Dancer - Dance with God

As a child, I dream of many things.

I wanted to be an author like Enid Blyton. I wanted to be a ballerina like Anna Pavlova. As I grew up, I grew so fond of one of the characters in Famous Five which Enid Blyton created that I wanted to be like her. Her name was George. I longed to solve mysteries and be a greater detective than the Famous Five and Sherlock Holmes combined. When I leave high school, I wanted to be world's most successful fashion designer. I am none of the above.

As times passed and circumstances changed and break our dreams, we grew used to broken hearts and dead passions. We became numb to heart-wrenching feelings and we dare not dream anymore.

Sometimes we realized we were chasing dreams that would never be real and we give up. Sometimes the realities of the harsh life we are facing made us succumb to everyday life with no soul left in us. Perhaps sometimes we are chasing the wrong dreams.

The prodigal son in the bible squandered his father's wealth in pursuit of a dream of fun and pleasure. Not all our dreams are good. We could be so caught up with the world and we wanted to be like the rest of the world, chasing wealth and fame that will never last.

So what's left for us? What about our feelings and desires? What about our broken dreams?

Sometimes we over-analyzed our dreams and talents that we forgot who knows us best, better than ourselves. We put limitations to our life and we crushed the dreams that we had.

This verse from a poem really got me thinking.

"Step then
from the staid and somber line.
Move out in dancing
into dreams so daring; 
without them you will settle for the road
that wanders by and winds to nowhere."
-Dream Dancer

Let us dare to dream again but this time not our own selfish dreams but of God. When you truly trust and love God, it is not about your feelings but more of "What Does God Say?"

Let our dreams be with God 
and let us dance into His arms 
and let Him lead us to the dance floor of His choice. 

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