Monday, April 22, 2013

Death and Heaven

Death is not something people always talk about. It is even taboo in many cultures.
Yet, it is something we cannot avoid. For those who have lost their loved ones, they know precisely what I am saying. Death is inevitable.

For many people who have no God, this earthly life is all they have. That is tragic.

But for many of us who know and believe in Jesus, death is not a bad thing. This life is a temporary journey for us. We are to live life to the fullest on this earth as it is a beautiful gift from God. Life is beautiful but death can be beautiful too. I do not mean that we should end our lives for that is terrible. Life is too precious to be thrown away.

However, our life on earth has an expiry date. There will come a day when God will call us home. A place Jesus has prepared for all of us who believe and follow Him. A place where there will be no more hunger and sadness. A place of joy for eternity.

If you think life is unbearable now, think of the eternal home you will enter. What we are facing now is just a tiny fraction of trials but soon, when all is said and done, we shall have eternal bliss. For now, be patient and be thankful for everything.

The recent Boston terror and China earthquake has lost so many people. It is a moment of grief and sadness especially when one were not able to say their goodbyes and bid farewell to their loved ones. However, there is still hope. These souls are not lost forever. Your loved ones are not lost forever. There is heaven.

That is something we all should look forward to. May we all be reunited with our loved ones in Heaven. Wouldn't it be cool to see Moses, Abraham, Mary, Peter and Paul?

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