Saturday, January 11, 2014

Revolt by Qaisra Shahraz

Revolt is one of the first few books I managed to finish for the start of 2014 and I think you should totally read it up too. Why so? My review is below. 

Revolt by Qaisra Shahraz

I wanted to leave a customer review on Amazon itself but because I have not bought any books from Amazon, I am not allowed to do so although I am definitely going to order some books online, possibly as soon as possible.

Reading has been challenging during the start of the new year due to a lot of recent happenings in my family especially with the festive seasons but I am so glad I managed to squeeze in time to read this book. 

Revolt is beautifully engaging. My feet was on tiptoe the entire time my eyes ran through the words on the book as the stories flowed from page to page, gripping my heart from the first to the last. My emotions catapulted like a chameleon, raging from intense anger and grief to shedding tears of joy and thrill as I felt the loss, desire, passion and sacrifice of the characters. 

The descriptive motions led me picturing myself living in the story amidst the rich traditions and cultures of the Pakistani way of life. Important issues concerning many Asian women and men particularly of contradicting values between modernity, faith and tradition were cleverly brought to light and addressed. The striking contrast between the rich and the poor depicted in the stories are very real in the world we are living in today. This made me ponder on the times I have turned my head away from those who are in need. Read on and perhaps you might be moved to take action to do something about poverty in your area.

I sensed my heart rising in rebellion as each character revolted in the name of love. How often have we encountered these people in our community but shun them from our lives? Perhaps reading this will melt our heart a little and enabled us to embrace the differences that each individual brings. 

Revolt was not only a truly enjoyable read but intelligent as well. I'm an inch wiser now as each character's beliefs and actions taught me a thing or two about love, life and faith. I hope I get to visit Pakistan someday and witness the rich cultures described vividly in the book and of course, to taste all the delicious food mentioned. 

I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of Qaisra's works. 

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