Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Great Expectation

This was a snapshot from my phone on a recent doodle I did in my sketchbook while I was enjoying a holiday with my family after Christmas Day.

The Great Expectation by Angelina Bong

Who's expecting? My sister! I'll be a proud aunt soon.

We were enjoying the view of the beach from our balcony in the resort. She was quietly reading and as I soaked in the picturesque waves raging on the shore, I noticed how calm and glowing she was in the midst of a coming storm! I can't help but did a quick sketch out of that. By the way, the coconut trees were swaying mad as the wind blew and howled like a mad hurricane.

Besides expecting to welcome a newborn baby into our family, there are many expectations I have set aside for myself this year. I hope to eat less or at least more healthily, pray more, love more, write more, read more, paint more, exercise more and most of all, I hoped my writings and paintings worked out this year! Hopefully, I will get that first novel published. Still working on it. I expect to be more patient on myself and that I may find joy in all that I do. 

There are of course storms and tsunamis that might unexpectedly turn up on our doorsteps like cancer, deaths, financial loss, natural disasters, conflicts and etc. Are we prepared to face them? I believe we would never be 100% prepared for such an unforeseen event. No matter what catastrophe this year might bring us, let us stay calm and let the storm passed us by. Everything would eventually pass.

Shall I keep writing even in the midst of a million hurdles to overcome with pain and stress surrounding me? Of course! You should too...keep writing, painting and do whatever that you love doing for the very act itself could build a fortress for you to lean back and watch the storm with gratitude!

Hope you will find this little sketch inspiring.

Ciao my friend :)

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