Friday, March 21, 2014

Press on MH370

When I heard of the missing plane from Malaysian Airlines in Africa, my heart sank...I could be on that very plane. How devastated the families must be. After I got back, there were still not much good news. I pray with all my heart that they will find the plane soon. I am glad that the whole world is coming together to work for good in finding the plane.

Here's a poem that I would like to dedicate to all the families and loved ones of the passengers and crews on board MH370.

All over 
High and low 
Wide and deep 
No cure is near 

Search continues 
One on one 
Multiplies by thousands 
Hope is far 

One clings on 
A thousand miles 
Hearts wail and mourn 
Terror strikes 

Uncertainties prevail 
Can one see 
Beyond debris 
Where and why 

Hijack or death 
Only God knows 
Lives come and go 
Hidden from eyes 

You and I 
Hug each other 
Pray to heavens 
Never give up 

Press on 
Seek and find 
That day is near 
Truth will arrive 

Please don't give up hope and don't despair. We join hands with everyone in the world to pray for you.

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