Monday, May 5, 2014

Me, Myself and Wine

Listening to melancholy dripping into an empty glass

Eyes wide shut contemplating a song to the moon

On a starry Friday night, wishing so much a teardrop

will fall and wash it all away but sweetness beckons

None came… Only the spoonfuls splash splash of strawberry jam

smacked in between breads of love made with endless brooding

Aloneness can be so real yet surreal. Emptiness finds

its profoundness in treasures of jar set on mats of straw

Dipped into golden trays of joy, honey flee like carefree breeze

Wishful thinking of that one fateful day free from doodling

Hands are swinging with hips sashaying in hot pants down the aisle

Forgotten not by the sweet scent of moringas hailing from above

Fingers tap away to type but only reveries emerge, running out

of practicality and imagination decides to drop its bomb

Why the awful lot of wrong timings, the clock keeps ticking

but the task remains untouched as the screen flashes its light

The little mind wants to play even without company, the feet

 jingled to the rhythm of the fantasy , whispers of Cherie oh Cherie

 with dainty dots of whimsical tales outstretched like

one or two little jagged notes, No decisions dare say

Lost in a maze of crazy mystical chase with newfound dreams

Take me to places I have never been, away from the heat

The soul swings to endless blues and jazzy sails and I find that it’s just

Me, myself and wine

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