Monday, June 16, 2014

'Waiting' Times Present Opportunities to Write

I am waiting to collect my medications. Hospital is almost like another home to me now although not one I quite like. It's a long, long queue.
I used to be really impatient and dread waiting. I found it a waste of time and I hated people who are late. I'm not saying I like it now but I am more tolerant towards it.
Being in hospitals have taught me to have a little more patience and gave me the chance to be a bit more creative about handling 'idle' time.
Here I am seated with the rest of my peers who are waiting to be served with food in the form of pills, creams, ointments, solutions and etc. I am glued to my tiny blackberry screen as I typed my thoughts away while wishing I have an Ipad or at least a Samsung with a bigger screen.
Anyways, I do have time on my hands. So what do I do? The queue is long. So why not write?
Many of us including me struggle to find time to write. There is the 'other' job that pays your bills. There's a crying baby and perhaps a pile of dishes and laundry waiting to be washed. There might be a sick uncle to attend to or perhaps  your little five year old never fails to bug you every other second while you fumble for words to describe that crazy scene in your first chapter. There are a thousand and one things that require our immediate attention. In the end, many of us give up writing.
I'm here to tell you that perhaps you can use your 'waiting' times to write or scribble down ideas. Unless you are born rich without responsibilities and live alone in a paradise, there will always be distractions and chores on your hands.
If you're a mum waiting in the car to pick up your kids, use that time to write no matter how little the time frame may be. Perhaps you're like me waiting for your turn in the hospital or your date is running really late. Perhaps you're stuck in the traffic jam or riding alone in the train. Don't waste those precious times.
As for me, those 'waiting' times give me the opportunity to do my sketches, to have 'quiet' conversations with God as most of the time I will be waiting alone, to think of my characters in the next fiction, to observe people for a new story, to weave some poetry or like now, I am writing away :)
Oh and it's my turn now so I'll have to go. Have a good week ahead my dear writers and think of your 'waiting' times as golden opportunities to write away ;)


  1. Hi Angelina,

    Thanks for your postings, they are a joy to read. I almost always have a book or some other reading materials with me. Instead of writing, I read during waiting times. That way, time seems to tick by much faster. Other times, I close my eyes and pray softly in tongues. Picked up this neat little habit from watching Alexius Bong's dvd.

    Do take good care of yourself and May God bless you always.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for dropping by. Great to know that you've gained a lot from the dvds. I must bring myself to viewing it soon. God bless you too :)