Monday, July 21, 2014

To MH17

Strings of questions
Floating around us
Clouding our senses
Burying specks of hope

Pointing fingers left and right
Crashing burdens up and down
What happened that day
The missile shot upwards

Feathery clouds scattered
Bags and shoes vanished
Smiles and laughter gone
Rain of bodies poured down

Phone calls darted everywhere
To believe or not to believe
Reality quickly sank in
Outrage and cries exploded

How can this happen
Right before one's radar
A promise of safe air
Who is to blame

Evils lurking everywhere
Suicide bombs and endless wars
Where is humanity
Why are you fighting

Why the greed and lust
Power to kill and conquer
Can you bring to eternity
Then why bother at all

Are you like wild animals
Without a mind and conscience
Merciless barbaric savages
Are your hearts stolen

We beg you to stop
End this grave torture
Of robbing innocent lives
Before your souls burn

The days look grim
Darker than ever
For the rest of us 
Is there no more hope

Still we cannot give up
Let us hold hands
Hold our heads high
We must live and love

For a better tomorrow
For the souls of MH17
Who are perhaps smiling
Down at us from heaven

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