Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Another bubble bursts, out
from the springs of headless secrets. Shivers
On a dark winter’s night, Bends forward
and curls up, Phantoms of music
float by.
Footsteps flee past, tip toeing, pattering
haunting the demons in the head, Knocking.
Waves roaring across the heart, storming
the rocky shores of death, faint calls beckons,
Strings of opera notes
fly high, The moon breaks up
and leaves, shattering apart
Alive or dead
no one sees, Not living souls but
fireflies dancing, Little lights mid air
over the black sky, Insanity strikes
like booming hammers. Chuckles and cries fight
for attention, Dots of energy blues swirl
into cocoons of heartbreak, Whispers
of nothingness floats, Diving deep
into the unconscious realm of seas bedded
with chorals of despair, Brings forth
golden specks of light, Perhaps the aftermath
never shall be, of a tsunami
worth uncovering, The occasional forbidden
wishes, Deep down in the oceans of mercy, Wading naked
through the raging Waters, Splashes in the face
Jellyfish dancing on goose bumps, when
crushed memoirs swarm in, Burned petals
raining down on silky porcelain skin, brushing through
the breeze sings, melancholy notes of old, fly not to catch
and swallow, Buried dreams explode into
particles of light, Ashes gone awry
Harder to grasp, Drowning faster
than waves can sink, The night soars
into plights of healing, Trickles of tears
bobble up and down, Shuts eyes
clamouring in madness. Moment vanishes.
over that invisible star, In a forsaken land
skies are bright, Opens eyes
to honey drops and rose buds.
Blue birds sing like angelic sopranos, Smile.
A stranger holds hand, says Imagine.
Dawn welcomes, No more fears, a fresh
hug of hope.

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