Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Dazzling freckles on my face,
Messy hair floating adrift,
The waves slowly roll me over,
Basking in shades of orange,
The hazy sky beams a smile,
Are you waving from up there?

Siar Beach on a Hazy Noon

Sea shells scrape my toes,
Buried in the crispy sand,
A fish or two wiggle past,
Crabs scamper out from holes,
Barnacles bid hello from under,
Are you whispering from beneath?

Old uncle casts his fishing net into the cool waters

An old uncle casts his net,
Little fishes run like mad,
Trapped in between strings,
I release and throw them back,
Freedom from men’s grasp,
Are your hands reaching me?

A wooden house graces the beach,
Rusty boat pushes into the waters,
Coconut trees sway left and right,
I draw on the sand with a stick,
A shape of love big and clear,
Is your love big and wide too?

Children giggling in wet suits,
Building sand balls and castles,
Running with no cares or tears,
I sit down and watch them,
Wishing life has no worries,
Are you even listening to me?

A wrinkled lady dives into the sea,
Cheers and glee spread all over,
Young like a deer she dances,
I wave and catch her lively glow,
Close my eyes and feel the breeze,

I think you have finally touch me

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