Friday, August 8, 2014

The Innocent Cries

Broken pieces fly over me
Shards of memoirs flash by
Running across green hills
Smiles and chatters with family
Will these days ever return?

Fears paint the faces around me
Hopes and dreams crumble and torn
I lie awake with no more tears
Numb to bombings and shootings
Will this madness ever end?

Hunger and thirst becomes a norm
The little one cries out for milk
I have nothing left to give
Not even my pride or dignity
What is left for me to do?

Blood spilling like water fall
In the name of religion and politics
Broken limbs and dying spirits
Defeat rises more than victory
What have I done to deserve this?

I ponder on the golden days,
Bread and honey on the table,
The white lamb at my feet,
Dance to the echoes of the caves,
Will I ever hear music again?


A bird perches on my window sill,
Fluttering with chirps of glee,
Pecks on my cheek with a kiss,
Something melts in my heart,
Is it trying to say something?

A shrill cry fills the gloomy shack,
A child hovers over her dying mother,
She shakily says to her and me,
I will see you both in heaven,
Are my days fewer than I think?


The bird flies up high to the sky,
Blue and pink with sunny rays,
A drop of peace amidst death notes,
Do not be afraid it seems to say,
My body shall die but not my soul

I dedicate this to the innocent victims of the recent Gaza/Israel War and especially the minorities who might be slaughtered in Iraq. 

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