Monday, February 14, 2011

My Heart

I wrote this long back but i thought what better time to publish this but on Valentine's Day?

My heart has been stolen,
Rapture in the midst of the dark night,
Swift like the lightning it came,
An unknown power descended from above

My being no longer feels hunger and thirst,
Instead a deeper longing beyond comprehension,
A desire that is above human nature,
A stirring that steals away my every breath

My heart beats not for me,
It is like I am not living anymore,
It is locked away in the most sacred of places,
Safe in the sanctuary of the hands of my Beloved

My Beloved holds my heart close to His,
He has imprinted His name on my heart,
I no longer breathe for myself,
My every breath cries out His precious name

My strength has left me,
Weakness fills me to the core,
My heart cannot hear my voice any longer,
It clings to the tender hands of my Beloved

My heart has immersed itself in His hands,
Every beat of my heart belongs to Him,
Yet I will not trade anything for this sacrifice,
I rather not live than to lose His touch

My heart will continue to beat for Him,
Safe in My Beloved hands it shall live,
In secret I shall live not for me but for Him,
In silence my heart will go on forever

Happy Valentine's Day my Precious One,
My Beloved of all.

Here's also wishing you:
Happy Valentine's Day to all who are reading this and may your heart always beat to the One who matters most.

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