Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walk like Frodo

Along the road to Gondor
Frodo walks tirelessly
His destiny is mapped out
He is the ring bearer

Have you watched Lord of the Rings?
Do you feel like Frodo sometimes?
Do you feel like the moment you wake up you are swamped with attacks and persecutions even those that come from your own mind telling you that you are useless, or you will never be good?
Do you feel like you have such a heavy burden to bear even though you didn't choose it like Frodo and the ring?
Do you feel like you are really on the losing end and no one even care anymore?
Frodo felt that way..
This little hobbit entrusted with such a heavy responsibility..
Imagine what would happen if he gave up half way when he became too tired and could only dreamt of his beautiful shire and his lovely comfortable bed?
He did not give up
Instead he chose to pursue despite the enveloping darkness so goodness shall reign over evil in the end

When all is hopeless and darkness is all around you, fret not..
Do not lose hope
Trudge on
It is always the darkest before the sun rises
Do not give up..
God is with you
You are not alone

He shall give His angels to charge over you in all your ways.

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