Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rhythm of the Moon

One by one
Your fingers caress the guitar
Plucking strings of gold
Melodies down my skin
Soothing flares of broken cries

A smile flash
Joy blossoming
My feet move like twisted butterflies
Magical notes soaring like
 vespers of angelic breath
I am halfway between
Yes and unsure

My wings fly to reach
Touch the hues of smoky treble
In the palm of my hand
Que sera sera echoing
Foggy whispers of nonchalant songs
Float towards me
In the vast universe

You continue to serenade
Stars beaming
You tremble
Graces flow from your playing
I climb
The magical stairs
Stroke your long golden locks
Precious and hidden from the eyes of the earth

I see no dangers
I fall like leaves in autumn
You catch me
With your music of light
Casting spells
With a strand of your hair
Celtic drums pounding on my heart
You wish upon the shooting arrows of orient glory

I fear
Your hallowed presence
Bow down with reverence
Singing mercies
You seem so far away

Out of love
The moon spins
Fear resides losing balance
My pulse follows the beats to your tempo
Leaving behind a trail of sopranos
The stars blink back in emptiness
You shut your eyes
And see from within

I will sing
On my feet
Touching hips
We surrender to fate
The guitar continues to play
The stars weep alone
We dance to the rhythm of the moon

This poem was recited last Friday, 13th in Lov Gallery at 'Strong Words' Event...

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