Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Twist with Kolo Mee

This is another artwork exhibited at Lov Gallery for the Lov Kuching exhibition. 

Again, food is my main inspiration for this painting! 

Definition of Kolo Mee (Hokkien to English)
Kolo means Dry
Mee means Noodle

Twist with Kolo Mee by Angelina Bong

Twist with Kolo Mee is an acrylic painting portraying the playful and laidback persona
 of Kuching indulging in its addictive Kolo Mee, the love of many Kuching people. 
Just like the other artwork, the background’s symbolic shades are derived from 
colours often used to depict Kuching and Sarawak, mainly from the hornbill and the 
Sarawak flag.

Festivals galore enchant the world in meek Kuching,
Travellers from afar fall in love or have a fling,
Still the heart of chaos and worries for both you and me,
Break free from the norm, laugh and dare twist like kolo mee


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