Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wait in Ecstasy

I draw your face on my skin,
My feet dangling in thin air,
Whispering voices in the attic,
I hide in the cocoon of love,
Half floating above angels

Veils of wonder amaze me,
On bended knees I see,
Music hanging behind closets,
I touch the notes of union,
Miss the glitter in the dark

Your spirit dwells in flames,
Cloister of vines fall on me,
Sweet wine to sip and smell,
The stairs creak of footprints,
Up high the romance begins

Face to face in cloaks of silk,
Embroidered heart lingers on,
The perfect pearl in my fingers,
Somewhere in ecstasy of rest,
The night and day knows no time

Slow to take my beloved in white
Unchained youth feeds on blue
Fall at your feet with a rose
I adore and throw leaves of honey
Out of sight in chalice of gold

The light of moon lies awake,
Glass shatters into diamonds,
I catch your kisses of treasure,
My arms swell with wings of bliss,
Ablaze I say no more and wait

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