Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Scarred Face

This is a contemplation of Our Lord's suffering, our brokenness and how he shared our humanity. May it be a reflection to you as well especially that Good Friday is tomorrow.

In the quiet
A face appears
Scarred beyond features
Teardrops smear bloodlines

In the chaos
Confusion blurs His image
Yet that war torn emotions
Keep coming back

In the anguish
The eyes of deep sorrows
Return and pierces me
Like none has ever done

In the emptiness
His scourged hand touches
The broken shell of mine
Cries broke out

In the suffering
The nailed wounds embrace
My heavily soiled soul
He understands my pain

In the fall
He rises and picks me up
Each time He smiles
And says it is all right

In the comfort
Of His arms I rest
A thousand miles away
At home at last

In the light
I soar on His wings
Never looking back
And His face glows

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