Monday, April 21, 2014

Ties that Bind

Words of a passionate soul trickle down

Like sweet honey to her lips, caresses her mind

Sending delightful waves of daydreams, she hides

Precious fantasies in the corners of her cavern, to be

drawn only when thirst are parched along the pathways

of deserted trains. Alone with none but these, she feeds

her mind with lingering memoirs. In the shelters of misery,

the poetic imageries flash before her eyes and the guitar

strums to the beat of her melodic longings, bringing teardrops

to the eyes of her heart. Rain pours down like floodgates

of mercy consoling her strapped chest stricken

with heavy burdens. Nothing distracts her from that one moment

of touch. Hand in hand they stroll past busy passer-bys

 and straying glances. Whispering promises of great things flee by

as her long hair swooshes past his masculine jacket,  An unbreakable bond

forging between invisible lines with shades of near blackness.

Intentions to break free loosens its stronghold and she finds

herself in the arms of ties that bind. Not even a hint can spark

a crush that buries deep within. That desire shall resides and burns

as soon as she wakes up to reality knowing she will never own

the love she feels.

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