Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Letter to the Belgium Woman who wishes to die

Dear Laura,

I do not know you nor do I know how you look like but my heart breaks at your decision to end your life.

Depression is real but so is your life that is precious beyond words. God loves you so much to place you in this world. You are not an accident but a work of art, a masterpiece.

I cannot give you solutions to end your misery in this life but if you believe, there is beauty in pain. I see them in mine and they worth so much more than a life with no pain.

Here's a poem for you.

If I am a nightingale,
I will sing to the moon and back,
Like in a fairytale, melt the darkest shades
of bitterness

If I am a sunflower,
I will beam and hover over
your coldest nights, a beacon
in your fights

If I am a bee
I will sting you, a reminder
that you are never alone, I am
near you

If I am a marula tree,
I will let you hide under
my gigantic leaves, far
from warfare

If I am a float,
I will let you rest on me,
bobbing on the sea, wash your
tears away

If I am a fortress,
I will shield you from storms,
depression and distressing

If I am a needle,
I will weave and mend
your broken heart, my golden
pricks set you free

Alas, I am only
human, as real as you,
even if you do not hear or see
me, my heart is yours

My only wish, spring
will dance soon, sweeps
away winter, your woes
come to wither

My shoulders are small,
but ready for your tears,
my heartbeats hug
you in pain

Perhaps then

I can see a smile
Even if for a while
Not on your face
Within you.

We may never meet but if this poem can send a virtual hug, I hope you feel it. Know that you are not alone and death might not be the answer you seek.

You may ask why do I care?
Simply because Our Father cares. He cares as much for me as He does for you. Don't throw the greatest gift He has given to you, your life.

Be assured of my prayers for you.



  1. A lovely, soothing, heartfelt piece Angelina! I hope your words find a way to her and also send healing light to all who suffer from the darkness of depression. Thank you.
    -Juliet 'Kego

    1. My dear Juliet. Sorry for the late reply. I thank you for dropping by and I do hope my words get to her and all who might be going through depression and other similar pains.