Monday, July 6, 2015


Here's a poem from a Kenyan poet who runs the blog, 'Our Daily Poetry'.
Enjoy his depiction of the rich Kenyan way of life.

The Kenyan Woman

MADE IN KENYA By Matolo Kyalo Jr.: Poet, writer and blogger from Kenya.
She is the first to wake up Every morning she makes sure there's milk in my cup She bears the pain from the scorching sun Dust blows off the maize field like smoke from a gun
She keeps the faith and preaches the morals The Good Book keeps her ship away from the corals Her efforts strengthens bonds among families Her relentless love is ever promising like the lilies Every evening she prepares ugali with sukuma
She tells tales of the 20th century as the candle gets dimer She is the last to go to bed, to her only man The true Kenyan woman.
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