Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alone with none but thee, O God

Alone with none but thee, my God,
I journey on my way.
What need I fear when thou art near,
O King of night and day?
More safe am I within thy hand
than if a host should round me stand.

My destined time is known to thee,
and death will keep his hour;
did warriors strong around me throng,
they could not stay his power:
no walls of stone can man defend
when thou thy messenger dost send.

My life I yield to thy decree,
and bow to thy control
in peaceful calm, for from thine arm
no power can wrest my soul.
Could earthly omens e'er appal
a man that heeds the heavenly call?

The child of God can fear no ill,
his chosen dread no foe;
we leave our fate with thee, and wait
thy bidding when to go.
'Tis not from chance our comfort springs.
thou art our trust, O King of kings.

Words: Attributed to Columba (521-597);
translator unknown; text in The Hymnbook, 1971

Ancient it is,
but this hymn remains one of my favourite,
Although an old hymn, it still rings true to us of our fate,
Those of us who calls God Abba,
Although we feel alone and probably none walks with us on the path that God has chosen for us, we need not fear or dread our future for God is with us. He holds us by our hands and we need only to trust Him like a little child clinging on to his father's hands.
You know how it was said that Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away
It must be true also to those words and lyrics inspired by the Holy Spirit..
Just like this hymn that has been written long before you and I was born..
But today we still read the words if not sing it
And it still speaks of a prayer many of us embed in our hearts but unable to express
Thank you Lord for your writers, singers and lyricists

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