Monday, November 14, 2011

Lover of My Soul

There is only one person who truly loves your soul, even more than you do..
That's God.
In fact, the only thing that matters is your soul..
Your flesh may die but your soul lives forever

John of the Cross said,"If you are seeking after God, you may be sure of this:
God is seeking you much more. He is the Lover, and you are His beloved.
He has promised Himself to you."

"You are in the Beloved...therefore infinitely dear to the Father,
Unspeakably precious to Him. You are never, not for one second alone." - Norman Dowty.

Take time to seek Him and spend quiet times with God. Nothing matters more than being with
Your Father; feeding your soul communing with Him.

'Time passed in silence with God is time spent growing in relationship with Him.
And time spent letting His love flow through you to others is an investment in eternity." - Amy and Judge Reinhold

Do the things that matter.
May God, the lover of our souls bless ya!

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