Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Dreams over Headaches

Headache splints every second,
Traffic bustling like mad horses,
Christmas songs jingles to my brain,
Rubbing on the nostalgic holiday memoirs,
Raining non stop like heaven's crying,
Hoping they are tears of joy instead

My head is spinning with endless tasks,
Official and non-official with neverending lists,
A waiver of magic wand I hope to get,
A whimsical dream of reverie unannounced,
Fantasies only to soothe my ringing bells,
In my brain they continue to juggle and dance

Christmas is indeed coming very soon,
A glimmer of hope of a mountain of ashes,
Piles of to-dos overflowing from Santa's bag,
Goodies, puddings, candies, presents, carols,
Most of all a serene night with loved ones
Alas to still my raging headstorms
Definitely way better than Panadols Hoping Santa will drop by this Christmas ;)

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