Saturday, November 5, 2011

A letter to Our Father

My dearest Father,

I’ve been so ungrateful, acting as if I am an orphan. With loving hands, you made me and with no fault of yours, I was cast into the fallen world. I have forgotten how much you paid for me to redeem me. You bought me with a price, by the precious blood of your only Son Jesus Christ. Yet I ran away again and again even after you freed me.

I chased after the world with its dreams and desires indulging in sins of the flesh. I have forgotten that I belong to you, the King of the universe. I have succumbed to the world’s lowly ways when I should be embracing your Holiness.

You love me so much and gave everything to me yet I forget that all the time and squandered the many graces you bestowed on me. I took for granted the blessings you showered upon me. I deceived myself again and again saying I am good but you know my heart. My heart is full of hypocrisy and selfishness.

I have forgotten that my real home is in heaven. I am just a pilgrim on earth yet I try to be like the rest of the world building chains on myself on the road to perdition. I am deluded by the illusions of wealth and pleasures on this earth which you clearly reminded me again and again that this kingdom on earth is not yours and that my real home is with you in heaven.

I boast in fake humility what talents and great deeds I have done but in fact, all I have comes from you. How can I self-glorify myself when indeed, the true glory belongs to you? You are the maker of all things. Without you, I am nothing. Just a speck of dust but you breathe life into me.

You love me so much that you send people and circumstances to speak to me. Yet my stubbornness and self-will is so strong that I refused to listen. Many times I put other priorities over you because I am lazy and could not be bothered. How can I be so indifferent to the love you poured on me?

I said I love you again and again but my actions speak otherwise. I ignored the cries of my neighbours of whom you have asked me to love. I brood in my self-love and vanity when I should be reaching out to others.

Yet above all these, you still love me. Nothing separates me from your love , you said.

Father, I am truly sorry. I have nothing else to say except I am sorry. Forgive me.


Your beloved child

Do you find yourself in this letter to God, our Father? Do you feel the words resemble exactly how we are? Many of us can relate to this letter. Many of us claim to love our Father in heaven but when we look closely at our lives, are we any different from the world? We are so caught up with matters of the world that we have forgotten we have been redeemed and freed from the chains of this world. We live like we are orphans when we are not. Read that letter again. Know that nothing separates you from the love of God. All He wants is a repentant heart. Draw close to Him and He will draw near to you.

God, your Father loves you so much. Jesus has prepared a place for you in heaven. Never forget that! Start living like His child!

God bless you and keep you close to Him!

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