Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blue Mountains - Make Each Day Count(Titanic)

Watching Titanic has reignited my passion for life and for arts..
"Make each day count", Jack Dawson said..

It made me wonder..
Have I lived to the point that I made each day count or did I merely drift through life just taking care of the chores that was thrown at me?

The past few months have been a little under the dark clouds..
Most of the time I am either juggling work or fighting the symptoms of fibromyalgia..
There have been days that I could not walk at all, days that throw me into phases of depression due to extreme fatigue and days where I am numbed by pain that seemed to be piercing me every other minute..
There were days that I wished I could just go home and sleep because my tiredness was like a chain holding me down to my bed..

Mum sent me Dr.Colbert's book on fighting fibromyalgia and I decided to try the anti-candida diet that he suggested in his book.

I looked back at my life..
I was always active, thrived on certain competitions and socialising..
And I had days of "solo" reflection where I loved to just chill on my own and do my painting..
As a child, I loved to lie on my tummy and passionately drew girls with different characters and I would conjure up in my head what they would wear and drew them on paper..all without a worry of time or chores
I loved books too..
I used to just lounged on my sofa, grabbed a book between my fingers and poured my soul into reading them..eventually led me to writing..and now I couldn't possibly stop although I passion isn't burning anymore..

Books and arts are definitely two of my list of passions.
Have I make a big deal out of these two for God?

I don't know but I want to make a new resolution. The Easter season has just begun. It's a new beginning.

I want to live passionately. Armed with full vigour and filled with joy, that's the kind of bubble I want to be!

Somehow I had let fibromyalgia took the better of me in days that I felt lazy to fight..
Somehow it also made me relied on God's strength..
There were days where I could not even lift myself out from my bed but when I think of the responsibilities expected from me..I told God I truly need His strength..otherwise how could I do His work? ( He's my big boss by the way and I'm sure He's yours too)..true enough, His grace is sufficient..He always give me His strength to move through the days, to complete the tasks that was laid on me
I am learning to depend on Him..
I am learning to truly lean on Him..
I am learning to finally grasp the truth that indeed nothing is impossible with Him

He is teaching me to trust in His strength and not mine..for without Him, I am clearly nothing.
That's the beauty of the 'blue mountains' in our life..when you think the problems you have is too large to handle, throw it at Jesus!
You will be surprised that you will be granted sufficient graces to walk it through

No saints go through life without the 'blue mountains'. Abraham had to go through the crazy hot desert to reach the promised land. He trusted God and endured the journey leaving behind his comfortable home. The late Mother Teresa continued to tend to the poor despite her poor health when she was so sick at her old age. Nick Vujicic, born without limbs but happily preaching the word of God without complains despite his discomforts and disabilities to do what normal people can do.

Who am I to fret over a little discomfort and pain that is sent my way?

Where is that little girl who loved books and drawings?

She is still here fighting and recovering...yes, I am talking about me!

Make each day count
Who knows if my ship might sink tonight? Do I give up and die, sinking with it? Or do I promised that I will never let go of God?

Rose promised that she will not let go and would live. Jack lived by saving her life..a hero.

Either way, I am not letting go of God's hands. I know He will guide me through this blue mountain and I shall breathe passionately again..

With my books and my arts, one on the each hand, I shall live and make each day count :)

I hope you will too because life is short.
If you have been tired of life, and had let the chores of life drained you off your passions..think back on what you used to enjoy as a kid..what talents do you have that you can use to glorify God?

Make a big deal out of it and I pray that God may grant you strength so He will perfect you to fulfil His miSsion on earth for you!

"The Lord is my strength and my song; He has become my victory. He is my God and I will praise Him; He is my Father's God and I will extol Him! - Exodus 15:2

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