Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good out of Evil

Tragedies struck
Piercing the bubble of safety
Fragility vaporised
Sinking in the depths of vulnerability
Unseen and unexpected
Unforeseen shadows of war
Massacre of the innocence
Testing the thresholds of relationships
To stay and protect
Or to run away
Mind over heart or vice versa
Pride and selfishness set aside
Better to make peace than proving what's right
Right and wrong is subjective
Unclaimable grey areas
The only standards that are true
Is Divine and from above
Meek and humble is the Truth
Loving and patient
Never running away or forsaking
The only rights ever worth fighting
Are the rights in the Divine's hands
Restoring to wholeness
Poor or rich in the world's eyes
For the One from Above
Brings good out of evil

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