Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cecil, I'm proud of you! Here's one to you for Malaysia Day!

There are very few poets i know in Malaysia. People here do not really appreciate poetry as much as other parts of the world. I remember how I felt at the Delphics when I met people who are in love with poetry, who can talk poetry. It's like I was home.

Today, I must pay tribute to this Malaysian poet whom many do not know in Malaysia but are greatly respected worldwide for his interesting poems especially those that speak of social injustices and oppression. Cecil Rajendra is his name. He was nominated for Nobel Literature Prize few years back but what inspired me was what he said.

"It becomes no longer a matter of choice, but the moral obligation and bounden duty of every responsible writer to bear witness to the times he lives in and to put his life and his work at the service of humanity."

Thank you Cecil for writing but most of all for speaking to the world about the exploitation, repression and injustices of the third world countries. You make Malaysia proud!

This is one for Malaysia Day!!
Here's an excerpt from his poem ‘To My Country’ from ‘Refugees and Other Despairs’ that I love as it expresses his concern and love for Malaysia..

“Faults in another / that would not matter /

in our loved ones / assume / cataclysmic proportions /

and if i did not care / i would not dare /

chart / your many imperfections”

p/s: Here are three links to read more about him

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