Sunday, September 26, 2010

Graduation 2010...

The Lord has been great to me..
These past years, He picked me up from the deepest abyss of miseries and showered blessings upon blessings on me..
Scholarship upon scholarship and now finally, I graduated.
What touched me most is not the awards and cheers I have received but the love and support each friend and family gave me. Their very presence are more than words could express. Friends and family abroad all called and gave me their beloved blessings and encouragement. What more could one possibly want?

These past three years have taught me life lessons that are very dear to me. I'm also very thankful that I have met so many wonderful friends that has always been there for me. I am indebted to many friends and lecturers for the wonderful moments that we have gone through together, not to mention the help they extended to me when I need them most especially free rides..haha

There are many whom I wished to see during convocation but unfortunately, some did not turn up. Nevertheless, I pray that our paths will cross again..if not now, I truly hope in heaven :)

I guess it is time for everyone to move on now. I will cherish the memories in my heart and I hope to keep in touch with at least some of them.

I thank you that you have been part of my life and I pray God will bless each and everyone of you in your future undertakings. May His light be upon you as He continues to shower blessings of joy and peace on you. And remember what matters most in life are not the success in matters of wealth, money and power but how you have inspired and touched others for this is what people will remember about you on your deathbed..and always do something you love for money will come later.

Peace and Love.

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