Saturday, September 4, 2010

Does Heaven and Hell exist?


For the past couple of days, i have been thinking and contemplating on what Papa has told me about his experiences. I have always read about it in his books but i have never actually heard him telling me about it.

Papa is my beloved uncle. He is like a daddy to me so that's why i call him papa. He is blessed with the gifts of visions and visitations from Our Lord. A couple of times, the Lord has brought Papa to both heaven and hell. I still remember the expression on his face when he tells me these very experiences.

I will not describe in details here as it is a private revelation but i shudder at the description of hell that he told me. He saw three levels in hell and there is endless torture there. Imagine being scourged, beaten and burnt in the furnace of fire repeatedly for the rest of your life? Imagine trying to escape but to no avail? The look on his face when he told me filled me with terror.

Then he told me about heaven. Jesus said to him, 'This is my kingdom'. Everyone seemed so beautiful and filled with peace and joy.

Those very words kept playing in my mind. I want to be in heaven and I want to be part of God's kingdom. I am saddened that people do not take this seriously anymore but i am happy to know that in the end, God's kingdom will reign. A King has come to call us as His own. Shouldn't we be grateful and cling on to Him??

Before i left for KL, papa said, 'The most important thing is God'. Simple but to the point. I will cling on to that.

So, yes.

Heaven and hell exists. Repent now before it is too late.

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