Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Your Choice

I was meeting up with a friend few days ago but because she was late, i went to pass time in MPH. I came across a fictional book. The moment i flipped the pages, i was hooked. I have found a precious gem. I believe the lateness was no coincidence. I am still reading it now and something inspired me so much that i must share. I will quote word by word here.

"This tale is my own. For I am David, son of none. My mother died when I was born. My father beat me, called me stupid and lazy, and one day chase me out. Now I am an orphan without a mother or a home or a birthright." (this boy was telling a storyteller his life story..earlier on, he befriended a shepherd and a girl (she treated this boy like her brother and her name is Elizabeth) who took him in after his father chased him out)
"My, My", said the Storyteller, listening to the boy."This is a sad tale from one so young?'
"Every narrator makes choices," the Storyteller said." Some cloak their characters with despair while others choose the garment of hope. Some see the wine jug half empty; others see it half full."
"David" the Storyteller said,"where there was sadness, your sister brought joy. Where there was loneliness, the shepherd offered company."

(the boy later changed his tale)

"I am David, brother of Elizabeth. Though my mother died when I was born and my father cursed me, I never walk alone. So lucky am I to have my sister and the shepherd, both gentle and kind. And my donkey loves me too."

"Ah," said the Storyteller." Not a victim but a survivor. Now we know you. David, the lucky boy".

The way you look at your life is your choice. There are so many beautiful things to be thankful for if you only knew it. Put on a garment of praise instead of a mournful, gloomy face with tons of complains. You will only drive your friends away. Look on the bright side of things. You will live happier.

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