Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Message

I find this very true and a reminder to us all so i guess i will post it here.
Taken from the blog below. I hope he don't mind me sharing it here.

"The focus should be totally on the message rather than on the messengers. (Good advice for today’s Church!)"

"All too often we hear Church leaders and pastors being criticised and sometimes with justification. But we do need to remember that, from top to bottom, we are a Church of flawed people. And so, we should keep in mind what Paul says - namely, that what we really need to focus on is the Message rather than the messengers. Some people abandon the Message on the basis of the behaviour of one or two messengers. Sometimes this is a rationalisation for not accepting the Message. We might remember Jesus’ words about being too conscious about the splinter in the eye of the other while there is a large beam of wood in our own. Messengers have had their shortcomings since the very beginning. Just look at Peter and Paul. The Gospel, too, is addressed equally to all and the same fidelity is required of every member and not more from some and less from others."

p/s: if you find fault in your leaders, why not breathe a prayer for him and intercede for him instead of criticizing?

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