Thursday, March 24, 2011

Appreciate the Moment

Listening to the chirpy tunes of Jack Johnson and drawing shapes and lines on an artwork for my friend, I am just enjoying the moment..
God truly blesses me with beautiful moments..
Today is one of those days that I'm truly relaxed and just contented..
There are many moments like this if you will appreciate it. We wake up to the sound of birds and passes by lushful greens or magnificient architecture but more often than not, we fail to see all this beauty.
We might fall tomorrow and never walk again or we might lose our eyes and never see again..
Like Jack Johnson says, "Never Know". True enough. We will never know of what's gonna happen next.
SO..appreciate this moment..
Ahhh...Angelina Bong wants to thank God for creating today.
I love you! God loves you!

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