Friday, March 25, 2011

Love the Children around you!!

I am waiting in the clinic for my mum's turn to do a follow up with a doctor.
There is nothing much to do so I picked up some mags to read and saw some inspiring interviews.
Here are some words of Lucy Liu that I want to post here.
It's about a very moving experience on her travels with UNICEF:

"I met this young girl who had been raped. Somebody shoved a gun in her vagina and basically tore up all of her insides. She was incontinent and her vaginal wall, urinary wall and intestines were all one unit and so she had no control over her faeces or urine. Because she was raped, she was ostracised from her village, and of course this was nothing that she did on her own. There's a surgery that you can get to try and fix the problem, but it's not something that you can get unless you are old enough because your organs and your body have to actually develop. So if you're five and you get raped, which is not unusual in a lot of countries, you have to wait until you're at least 17 or 18 to have the surgery. A lot of times children will starve to death because they don't want to eat so that they won't have to go to the bathroom. She was actually having her fifth surgery but the other four had been un successful."

"I really think children are such unique, wonderful gifts who we don't always have the opportunity to reach out to....I think if you can impact children at a very young age, you can connect all the dots....itks incredible how every culture is different, every language is obviously different, but universally they all need the same thing: love, attention, education, health - very basic things."

These words of Lucy LIu is ringing in my ears and I decided to pass it on through my blog. It's devastating what people can do to children and imagine the traumas they will have to carry all their life.
Children are truly gifts for the world and these are people who will be leading the next generation.
You don't have to go far to be a light to these children.
Look around you...
Perhaps your own kids, nieces, grandchildren..
Children of your neighbours, children of your local orphanage..
Reach out to them, take care of them, protect them and love them...
Who knows you might just be nurturing the next Abraham Lincoln or Mother Teresa?
Even the little you do will make a huge difference...
a small seed that you sow may grow into a big tree.
I will always remember the nun who read Joan of Arc's story to me when I was five or six.
Her story is embedded deep in my heart.

Love the children around you!

God bless you.