Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan

Japan has always been one of the places that I want to visit
The culture and its people always fascinate me
The delicious sushi, udon and sashimi, the graceful geishas, the fresh sakuras, the intricate kimono, the funky harajuku fashion, the iconic yohji yamamoto are few of my favourite things of Japan and the list goes on
Not forgetting the tanka poets and artists that I have met at the Delphic Games..
Japan has been inspiring to the world in so many ways
Right now, I grieve with my Japanese friends over their loss and the trauma they must be feeling right now due to the recent tsunami attack and earthquake.
The beautiful Land of the Rising Sun has been scarred and my heart goes out to them
I still have friends that I am unable to reach and I truly hope they are alive and sheltered.
Please pray for Japan and the beautiful people of Japan.
If you wish to help in anyways especially in donations, visit cnn and the impact site.
Arigato (Thank you in Japanese).
God bless you.

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