Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Are Beautiful

Black, white, yellow and brown,
No matter what colour you are,
No matter what hair dye you use,
No matter what features you have,
You are beautiful

You are special,
There is no one person who is like you,
There is no one who has your fingerprints,
There is no one who laughs like you,
You are beautiful

Your heart is powerful,
No one loves like you do,
No one is passionate like you do,
No one thrives like you do
You are beautiful

Your talents are unique,
A concoction of gifts that only you possess,
A blend of temperaments that no one else has,
A perfectly moulded creation unlike any other

There is none like you
You are a masterpiece
Don't try to be like someone else
There is only one you
You are beautiful
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise

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