Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesdays with Morrie

I saw it on the best seller's section everytime I enter a bookshop.
Somehow, I never bothered to pick it up and read.
A dear friend of mine passed it to me last week.
I finally started reading and could not stop.
Tuesdays with Morrie reminded me of my values and somehow taught me to look at life from a different perspective.
Morrie is one professor whom had lived his life to the full till his last breath.
I found myself tearing upon his final days as if his last words captivated through Mitch Albom's writings enabled me to be there as I poured myself into his book whilst the time has stopped.

I thought of all the teachers who had taught me and I thought of people who had taught me about life.
I am reminded of the good and bad seeds that they had sown in me and I am forever grateful for the good seeds.
How true it is that we can die at any moment and are we truly prepared for it?
Have we rushed life from one meeting to the next swarmed with endless tasks that we forget to soak in the beauty around us?

I learn so many things from this coach of Mitch Albom.
Life is short and if we want to learn how to live, we ought to learn how to die.
Imagine you have only 24 hours left..what would u do?
You would live differently would u not?
You would savor each moment for it is precious.

Each chapter presents words of his that I love.
These few are my favourites.

'Love each other or perish.'
Aren't you reminded of Jesus commandments to love one another as I have loved you?

"Forgive yourself and others"
This has got to be a reminder to me all the time.
It's hard to forgive others but sometimes it's even harder to forgive oneself.
We gotta learn to not be so harsh on ourselves.
We gotta forgive ourselves for the things we failed to do, failed to accomplish, failed to live up to other's expectations and the list goes on.

I think if it's my last day, I will wake up early, smile and praise God as I listen to the friendly birds chirping.
I would then make a great cup of coffee and have a wholesome breakfast with my family.
I'll probably go to church and spend some quiet times just enjoying the peace and serenity in there.
I will call up friends and loved ones just to leave some last words, hopefully filled with wisdom.
I would want to confess my sins and make peace with myself, God and others if I had not done so.
I would love the elders in the church to anoint me with oil like they did in the acts of the apostles.
Finally I want to take a walk at the lake watching sunset and soak in the fresh air.
I don't think I want to watch tv or care about who's winning the academy awards when I'm dying.
Would you?
I might write my last poem or do my last painting.
And I will give away everything I own. No use keeping it for myself.
I can't carry it to my graves.

Hmmm..then again, this is what I would like to do most days.
What about you? What do you find most meaningful in doing?
Maybe indulge in that will find like Morrie,
You have lived well because you had live your life for the things that matter.

Thank you Mitch Albom for recording Morrie's last words and making it into a book.
I guess he is still a coach to many of us even after he is long gone.
Morrie is still remembered like he wanted.

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