Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Memoir of the Apostles on Holy Saturday

Looking up to the reservoir that never runs dry,
Their hunger and thirst were filled with every waking moment,
Feeding the crowds with miracles and bread from heaven,
Their souls were replenished just by sitting at the Master’s feet
Listening intently to the Sermon on the Mount,
Their hearts never did tire or sick from following Him,
Gathering the sick and poor with sinners and righteous alike,
Their very hope and console was to be more like Him
Their one hope and source of living had gone,
Darkness and death penetrated them to the core,
They were tortured by the sudden leave and the memories,
Perhaps more so that they did not stay at the foot of the Cross
In the stillness of the night with no one in sight,
Their hearts were sickened with worry, anxiety and panic,
It felt like the thunders were rolling with never-ending earthquakes,
Even the breath of the dust were turning its back on them
They remembered the Master’s words and uncondemning smile,
His radical ways of provoking and dismissing the disguised angels,
The radiant humility of His most tender hands washing their feet,
They could not believe their weaknesses led them to leaving Him
Hiding silently behind locked doors in tapered huts,
Their future seemed so bleak or perhaps had ended,
They breathed with regrets for leaving and denying Him,
Each felt like an orphan abandoned cruelly and left to wander
The day felt like night filled with groaning and grieving,
The night felt like purging and burning within the depths of Hades,
Despair appeared naïve to the eyes of those who might know them,
Their tomorrows were hanging on a veil of unseen clouds
The followers of the Master, whom He called His brothers,
That very night were left crouching before the valleys of Sheol,
The eyes of their heart were blinded with hurts too much to see,
Little did they know the mysteries of heaven to be unmasked

May you have a blessed and Holy Saturday
Have a joyous Easter tomorrow!!

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