Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Bud

The clouds are watching as you gaze into their white fluffy dance,
Slowly washes away the memories as you twirl your feet on the cushiony grass,
The tunes in your heart beat to the rhythm of the leaves rustling,
As you soak in the singing of the sun,
Away and away they would fly,
The bubbles of regrets into the vast universe,
The specks of hurts dropped into the deep ocean and disappear forever,
Your wings soar as the stars come by and sweep you off your nightmares,
Tambourines shake to the freedom of your soul,
On and on you swing your hips,
Letting your feet touch the silky sand
Breathing in the heavenly scent of moringa,
The new rainbow comes as you bud into a new note floating in the music of your life

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