Monday, April 11, 2011

Sarawak - April 16th

I would like to dedicate this poem that I've just written for all Sarawakians.

Land of the Head-hunters,
Home of the Hornbills,
Beautiful hometown of mine and yours
April 16th,
The day that we are waiting for,
The day that we are called to vote,
The day that might change the fate of Sarawak
We have a voice,
We have our rights,
We must protect and fight,
We deserve the very best of Sarawak
Look not with our eyes
Discern with our hearts instead
Whom shall we choose
To guard and to protect our land
Those who will care for our needs
Before realizing their own wants
Those who will free the oppressed
Not filled with corruption
Wise ministers we must seek
Those with a heart to serve their people
To fulfil the word Ministry
Which means to Serve
Beloved people of Sarawak,
Arise and make a difference,
You have a choice,
Choose wisely.

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