Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Lover?

Do you love books?
Do you spend hours burying yourself in books?
Do you wish for a library the size of the castle's library in the Disney animation, Beauty and the Beast?
If yes, you are just like me.

I spent my childhood days pouring myself on books. When I was seven, fears got hold of me and I would cry whenever I go to school alone. The only thing to stop me from crying was to buy me a storybook. Haha..what briberies my aunt had to go through.

I remember my delight the first time I stepped on board Doulos, the ship that 'sells' books. I remember gasping in amazement at the multitude of books. I don't remember exactly how many times I have been to that ship but definitely enough to leave a mark in my heart. I can even remember telling myself that it would be a dream job for me to work there as I can be with books all day and all night long. Well, unfortunately that never happened. I would make a bad employee anyways as I would be reading instead of arranging books. it's a good thing haha

Last Sunday, I was casually asked to tag along to visit Logos Hope, another ship similar to Doulos. This time, we had a proper tour by two hosts volunteering on the ship. We had more than a tour. We met wonderful people from the ship. Young missionaries who had that sparkle in them as they spoke of their work on board.

It might look all bright and shiny like a big youth  camp everyday but they had their tough times too. One volunteer told me how he had to worked for a year just washing dishes daily. Imagine 2000 dishes a day. There are those who had to clean toilets everyday. A lot of times you have to get up early and sleep late. At times, you do not get along well with cabin mates but you have to learn to deal with that. Whoa...etc etc...

However, at the end of it all, each and everyone I met said it was well worth it..the experiences are invaluable, you make friends from all walks of life and from all corners of the world and most of all, the joy of bringing hope to people all over. If you ever travel anywhere in the world, you get a host!Thanks to them, I get cheap books too! ;) Need I say more? Planning to join? Check out

Well, this ship is now sailing to Kuching. If you are in Kuching and a book lover, check it out! Logos Hope will be in Kuching starting tomorrow and the book fair will be open to public on Friday. Happy scouring the books!

Here is a picture I love of the ship taken by my dear friend, Joey.

Logos Hope taken at night by Joey Sia

Enjoy Logos Hope!

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