Friday, October 21, 2011

Dance the blues away

Behind the blurry stardom the music is spinning,
Clinking waves of fantasy through one's mind,
Being still is not an option anymore,
One is plagued by many cares and worries

Lalalaa lalaaa laalaaaaa lalalalalala,
The opera man seemed to chant over and over,
Deafening although absurdly addictive,
Chaining one's brain to captivity of the sweetest things

Curiosity will soon kill the boredom,
Yet emptiness resides in the midst of swirling rhythms,
Melancholy notes springing in the air,
Depressing yet joyously enchanting the tunes rock

Tadaaa dadaaa diiddaaa dddaaadeeeee,
Endless beats of drums and bass,
Graceful dances from piano and jazzy plays,
One could just dream the night away

Imagination presses harder than reality,
Painting away the blues and blacks,
Chirpily welcoming another world filled with rainbows
Dancing into the colours of the night

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