Friday, October 14, 2011

Non abbandonare il tuo sogno

Gold, red, black, white
Splashes of paint across the pure one
Splattering ink and blotches of spray
Without thinking twice if it should be or not

Drunken with art and unconventional love,
A mist of fresh romance lingers,
Bossa nossa and trance intertwined,
Catwalking down the aisle

Was it Mondrian or was it Van Gogh?
Picasso seemed to hold hands with Bob Marley,
Yoko twirls around with Christian Dior
My precious is all he calls out

A cloud of smooth sailing confusion hangs on
While the new buds of love watch on
Eccentricities prevail over rules and regulations
Or is it a forbidden fruit that arts had dropped

A concoction of fusion and crazy blends
Even Marilyn Monroe would shake hips with Albert Einstein
Its the new season of love
A graceful yet rocky journal is about to begin
Staying true to "Non abbandonare il tuo sogno"

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