Friday, October 21, 2011

Revamp Deconstruction

Darts, pleats, pintucks, slashings,
Fabric manipulation of all sorts,
Garment reconstruction one by one,
Tearing out what's outside rebuilding a whole new look,
Torn jackets and stained white blouses,
Faded jeans and ripped sheer camisoles,
To carefully cut away what is not wanted,
To resew and reinvent what is left behind,
The mastermind Jacques Derrida would have bowed,
An approving clap from genius Alexander Mcqueen,
A blend of skills and creative mind,
Plus the brains of an architect and an engineer,
Cooking up the greatest recipe of fashion,
Take courage and go all the way,
Dare to differ and bid the norm goodbye,
Alas, deconstruction and revamption is the key to it all
All the best my fashionistas

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