Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Silence?

Close as breathing you were,
Yet this time all is silence,
The craving depths of her soul,
The chaotic rhythm of her spirit,
The innermost thoughts of her heart,
You knew it all

No one could understand her like you do,
Often misunderstood,
A ball that bounces in every direction,
You follow ever so closely her every move,
In her dreams and neverending hopes,
You were a pillar that held it all together

She's a child yet an old soul,
A flaming torch lits her very being,
Her passion goes beyond earthly desires,
Vulnerable, fragile yet resilient to emotions,
You were her living water that keeps her young

Why silence?
Is it you or is it her?
Perhaps the noisiness of earthly cares deafens your sweet whispers
Her spirit is willing yet her flesh is weak

Keep knocking at the doors of her heart,
She is unaware of how much she needs you,
Her love is unrealised but you can see it all,
She cannot go on without you,
You promised
Your yoke would be easy and your burden light
She believes and she holds on to that
Be silent no more

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