Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dance My Pen

The rain woke me up,
Splatters of drops,
Behold my clothes are wet,
Spring alive from death's wish,
Bear no more witnesses

Aroma of coffee too strong,
Imaginary brainstorms,
Indeed life throws me back,
Stirring a note too late,
Or is this a beginning

Sleep off the despairs,
Kicking monologues,
Calling on heaven's door,
Coffee swells to save the day
Alas death will not come

Shift of clothes spinning,
A cry of breathless whisper,
Heart attacks wait again,
Not the time yet to go
Patience tick with a pen

On the couch life anew,
A book befriend a blackberry,
Sit with God and myself,
A flick of mystery to dwell,
My pen starts to dance

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