Monday, August 5, 2013

Promise of Love

Towering high
Hovers over us
Smiling in silence
It shines

Heaven knocks
Seven colours shade
A message
To proclaim

Art of care
Glowing bright
Spectrum of love
It speaks

Twinned bow
Double blessings
Noah’s tale
It continues

Paint from rain
Father’s gaze
A promise
I love you

Twinned Rainbow

Sunset seen from my house
p/s: I saw this twinned rainbow just mins ago..feel compelled to write and show you this..a lovely reminder of our Loving Father who loves us and look upon us with so much love that He paint the sky with rainbows..a promise that He'll never forsake us. 

p/s 2: The other picture is just the sky from another angle..thought it was lovely too. The photos didnt do justice to the rainbow or the sky though..

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