Thursday, August 1, 2013

E Tempo!!!

The wolf calls
Summon tidal waves and winds
White petals falling on my hair
Chasing after the faces of winter
The shadow retreat from burning bush
Clapping mystical raindrops of magic
Wild oaks shout alabares of old
My fingers shed tears of blood

The old lady cries
Charmed by smiles bewitched
Grace knocking on my heart
Grips of memoirs lead the way
Across ancient rites of gold
True paths show the answer
My naked eyes burn with silver

The shadow persists
Wrinkles of bark to pursue
Thrown into pots of wild daisies
Wishes of love kiss me by
Planting thorns with freedom of joy
Sow seeds with death of evil

The journey floats
I run after the shadow that knows no one
Destroying beds of golden apples
Attacks of hunger to yield
Roasting sweet sapphire to behold
The secret garden lures to decide
To move or cure the curse of roses

Fragrance lingers
Heaven's note follows my soul
Sing to the choirs of the forest
I free my body of decaying judgement
Rushes of holy sweat
I chill with saintly owls of youth
Red blooms vanish
The white scent permeates sanity
Caresses silky thumbs of wisdom

The shadow dies
Invisible to many clever minds
Purging fires from the end of the world
Ring the bells of my conscience
Leave the bed of roses
Push and fall free
Jump off the cliff of prison and soar
Fly like butterflies with wings of an eagle
Turn and scream
E tempo!!!

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