Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Walking Bible

Sometimes we emphasize so much on our careers and what we should do in our life that we forget why we do them and the people surrounding us.
I plucked a huge excerpt from the late Blessed Mother Teresa’s book, ‘Heart of Joy’ below ( I hope she won’t mind)

“What counts is not what we do, nor the amount of things we do, but the love we put into our actions, since those actions are our love for God in action.

“Your calling is to belong to Jesus. He has chosen you for himself, and work is only a means of love for him in action. So the work you carry out is of no importance. What is important is that you belong to him, that you are his, that he gives you the means to do what you have to do.”

The same is true of us: it does not matter what we do or where we are, as long as we bear in mind that we are his belonging, that Jesus can do with us whatever he wants, that we owe him our love, and that we love him. Whether we work for the rich or on behalf of the poor, whether we work among people of high society or among inhabitants of the inner city, what is important is only the love we put into carrying out our job.

Maybe you and I are the only ones through whom Jesus can come to those whom we are touching. Because in the rich, it is not that we love the preciousness of their gifts but that our love addresses the person who belongs to God, the child of God who is our brother and our sister.

Therefore, let us try to spread this love of Christ –above all in our own family, among our own, my husband, my wife, my children. Does my home, my community burn in love? Do I have time to devote to my sisters? Do I have time for my children, for my husband, for my wife?

Smile at each other.”

I hope you’ll be inspired to spread joy and love wherever you are be it working from home, at the desk, on the off-shore platform, on the stage, at the school, in the monastery, at the gardens and etc. Someone said that we might be the only walking bible people around us might ever read so I sure hope we represent the right Gospel!

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