Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are you serving God or are you serving yourselves?

I came across a few writings from this person that is ever so inspiring.
It is only normal that I wish to find out who this author is.

It turned out he signs only as 'A Friend of Medjugorje'
I read on to find out why..
Here is an excerpt from what he answered:

"I have never had an ambition or desire to write. I do so only because
God has shown me through prayer, that He desires this of me.
So, from the beginning when I was writing to only a few people, I prayed to God
and promised I would not sign anything, that the writings would have to carry themselves and not
be built on a personality. I prayed that if it was God's desire for this writing to
be inspired and known, then He could do it by His will and grace and that
my will be abandoned to it.

The Father has made these writings known and continues to spread them
to the ends of the earth. These were Our Lord's last words before ascending
"Be a Witness to the ends of the Earth"
These writings give testimony to that desire of Our Lord
to be a witness with one's life. It is not important to be known.
It is important to do God's will.

The last two stanza really moved me. Indeed, these writings of his has bear fruits all over the world but few or maybe none knows who he really is.

How many of us seek for fame and seek to glorify ourselves, to be great in the eyes of the world even when doing God's work?

Let us ponder within and search our hearts today. Are we serving the Lord or are we serving ourselves?

We offer ourselves to be your hands and feet in this world.
May we always be reminded that it is not important to be known but rather 
it is more important to do the will of God.

God bless you all.

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